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Day Two

Food: 1/3
I only went a little over my limit today. 

banana, jaw breaker, 5 cookies, 1 diet coke, 1 candy cane,
turkey on wheat w/ cheddar cheese & a handful of doritos,
2 fish fillets & a handful of fried shrimp with green bean casserole

Exercise: 1/ 3
Water: 1/2
Challenge: 2/2
Today, I'm proud of myself for cleaning my house, being honest with myself about all the junk food I ate and I'm proud of myself that I noticed I was overeating due to my emotions. Also, I organized my school work and got online to order some pictures off my digital camera.

I'm only going to fill in the second space 1x/ week because something I need to change about myself is getting on the scale every single day!
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