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Day 9

Food 2/2
Water 1/2
Exercise 2/2
Journal 2/2
Challenge 2/2


Challenge - ha, I sat through a faculty meeting during my conference and got my work done that i would've done during conference during lunch. grr. but it's done. And i graded when I got home, and just worked out. Zumba still rocks! I have this "rapido" tape - it's 15 minutes, so it gets me warmed up and going before I get on the Gazelle and stair stepper. Hehe, it's fun to shake your booty when no one's looking!

Not so good on the water today though - I left my bottle in the car when I got to work, so it was hot when I went back out. I drank a bottle (20oz) from the vending machine, but it took me from 6:15 to 3:00 to do so.
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