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Day 10

Food 1/2
Water 2/2
Exercise 2/2
Journal 2/2
Challenge 2/2


Well, I worked out late, from 8:30 - 9:30. I think it's gonna be this way during the week. I needed to get work done once I got home from school since it was still on my mind.

Didn't eat very good today - cereal for breakfast, one of those trail mix gooey bars - better than the chips in the vending maching, the vending sausage and cheese, lo-card Monster (I couldn't help myself today; I'm trying to lay off the energy drinks), an apple, a cadbury egg (just 1 left - haha), and an orange. Not too bad, but not too good. Better than nothing though.

So, my challenge - I scheduled my observation and designed a rough lesson plan. Crazy thing is, this is my 2nd year to teach, and I can't say that I've written a lesson plan since my English methods class in college 4 years ago. I hate having to pinpoint every little thing. But I'll do it.

Ah, a little more work to do, and I'm off to bed.
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