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Day 11

Food: 1/2
Water: 2/2
Exercise: 0/2
Posting: 2/2
Challenge: 2/2


I'm NOT going to feel guilty about not working out today. After all, I'm on my feel from 7:30-2:30 everyday (minus 90 minute conference period, and even then I usually am). Not to use it as an excuse, but I was just too busy today (so I guess it is an excuse). I have my observation tomorrow, which I'm about 75% prepared for. I got to test it out on some students today, and have some changes to make. Unfortunately my classroom is pretty unorganized; some students told me that the principal doing the observation is picky about that - whatever, I'm leaving Texas in a few months anyway. No biggie, I guess. But I do like a tidy classroom. Maybe I'd have one if I had a book shelf or 2 in my ENGLISH CLASSROOM! (a little bitterness? yes)

Food - need more veggies, so bad! grr. I'm eating way too many carbs, but never have time to fix something before leaving for work. At least I'm eating though.

I just need tomorrow to be over with, well, actually the whole month of April. Deadline for grades is Friday. I've got a book to finish this weekend, not to mention more and more grading. So, ah, I guess that's my challenge for the next 2 months (still).

Heh, I'm just full of excuses today!
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