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why are you reading this???

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hey this is a great community!

So I was looking around LJ, and look what a jewel I found! I am 16 years old, and really quite fat. I am not out of shape when it comes to muscular endurance, but because I have asthma, my cardiovascular aspect suffers. In the past two weeks, somehow I gained 15 pounds!!!! This amazes me because i dont really go over 2000 calories ever, but when I do I suppose I just gain a ton of weight or something. I was really good at Easter too! No candy for me!! So my short term goal is to get to 180, my weight 3 years ago, and 2 weeks ago too :-(!!! And my long term goal is to be at my ideal weight. (apparently I have a lot of lean muscle, so 165 is supposedly my ideal, but i think its more like 160. My goal is to get to the long term goal weight by July 1, which i think is a pretty good time limit. My challenge for myself is to try and do at least 30 min of homework before I eat anything when I get home from school. So here I go........


Height: 5'9
Current Weight: 195 (ugh yuk!!!)
Lowest (recent) Weight: 183
Highest Weight: 215
Short Term Goal Weight: 180
Long Term Goal Weight: 160
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