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tuesday 3-29
Food 2/2
Exercise 2/2
Water 2/2
Posting 2/2
Challenge 2/2


wow another 10/10, I think now that I'm almost done with this set I'm finally getting the hang of it.

food: i've been planning my days out in advance on fitday so that I already know what I'm going to eat. although today in the late afternoon my blood sugar was dropping and I needed something. so i cheated hardcore and got a packet of reese's cups. but then, I readjusted my planned out dinner. decided to have a little fat free vinaigrette instead of blue cheese dressing, made a side dish that was fewer calories and only ate 3/4 of my baked potato. so in the end, I still got to have a skinny cow ice cream sandwich too. now the time has come for me to start focusing on using most of my calories on healthy stuff. but at least I'm being honest with myself about the bad stuff.

excercise: I went to the gym. yes I did. all by myself. without my workout buddy. ran for 22 minutes on the elliptical, 1.8 miles, 200 calories. Oh, and I walked for 30 mins this morning, and another 10 just now. so if I could, I'd give myself a 5 for exercise. now that I've gone back to the gym, by myself for the first time ever, i know I can handle this. And, I must say, the guys there around 8pm are much hotter than the 4pm set I used to see ;)

water: sip, sip, sippin away

challenge: i plucked my eyebrows today. I'm starting to really like their shape now that they've recovered from a waxing debacle a few weeks back. they were rough there for a while.
also, I got a promotion today at work. whee! they're moving me to a pretty high profile new team, changing my schedule so I don't have to come in until 11, and giving me a raise. I win.

posting: eat it up world, there's more where this came from.
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